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I have been an Independent agent for over 20 years.  I work for the client not the insurance companies.  I am there for you when you need it.  I am you advocate when it comes to claims or problems.

My passion is to educate people turning 65 for Medicare.  Since we now have the Affordable Health Care Act it has effected all types of insurance.  It was confusing to Medicare people and now it's more confusing to all Americans. I try to help you understand the system and what is out there.

I also try to educate people how important it is to have enough of the right kind of insurance (not be over insured) to protect your financial portfolio.  There are many inexpensive policies out there that are affordable to help you.  I always say people don't like having to pay for insurance but it's your best friend when you do need it.

I am a member of several West Coast Florida Chambers of Commerce’s, E- Women International, Kiwanis, Bay Area Women’s Directory, Pearls of Wisdom , FHUA, WIFS, BNI, Working Women of Tampa Bay, BLS and Yachad Hadassah so that I may stay informed on the business in changing desires. I am recognized by The National Ethics Bureau as an approved financial advisor.

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Linda Bullerman,CLTC
Largo, FL





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