Discount Plans:


These are great plans.  You can use them right away and gives you discounts from 20% up to 70% or more.  Cheaper and no rules except make sure your dentist is on the plan.

Go to  and you can either look for your dentist and see what plans he accepts or put in your zip code and find plans in your area.  You can also compare different companies and their fee schedules.  You can also sign up right there.  Check back often because they do run specials.

Copay Plans:  

These plans cost more and have rules to follow.  You can get your basic done right away such as x-rays and cleanings.  If you need fillings you must wait 6 months.  If you need major work, then waiting period can be 12 – 18 months.  They also will have a limit on how much they will pay up to per year.  $1200-$1500   That is 1 root canal or crown.  

Indemnity Plans:  

These are sometimes the only thing left to choose from if your dentist doesn’t take any plans.  It is a fee schedule and they pay what it says.  So much for a procedure.  You pay the dentist and you turn in the claim.  Example:  Cleaning $70 you pay dentist then send in receipt to company and they might pay $50.  Each company is different on fees.

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I work for the client not the insurance companies.

Dental plans are a complex product.  There are different types such as discount, copay and indemnity plans.   Just like health plans first if you have a dentist you will have to consider what plans he accepts.  Then what are your needs cleaning, fillings or more entailed such as root canal, deep cleaning or other major work.